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About Web Sites

A Web Site is a display on a monitor screen that is called up from the Internet whenever anyone accesses the site's URL, or web address.

A company web site describes the company and its products.  It tells how to contact the company, its officers, and sales staff.  Fully developed web sites allow the company and its customers, partners, or others to conduct business on the site itself.  Some web sites contain special features, such as chat rooms, links with other sites, and humor, intended to draw customers to the site.

Web sites are composed of web pages.  While 1-page sites are not unknown, web sites can encompass virtually any number of individual pages.

Web Site design is critical to e-Commerce success.  The web site is not merely a "marketing tool" or "Internet presence".  It is as vital to your company as any office or production facility.  For e-Commerce to succeed, a web site must be a natural extension of your business, not merely a fashionable addition.  For those who use your web site for information, communication, and transactions, your site is your company.  

Links:  Web Sites contains links to other pages within the site and to other web sites likely to interest visitors to your site.  Links are the road signs of the Internet.  Links may be words, names, phrases, or images that lead the site visitor to other pages on the site and to related sites or subject areas.

Links are usually underlined words or phrases, often a different color than the main text.  The link may be an image framed or denoted by some other indicator.  To go from one page or site to another, simply click the links.

You do not have to create an entire web site all at once.  Plan your web site strategically and carefully.  Give yourself a chance to discover what works, what features of the site best fit your businesses needs, and what aspects of site development you want to pursue.

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