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G77 Chamber TIN
Introduction to G77 Chamber TIN
The Global Management Center operates the G77 Chamber Trade Information Network (TIN). TIN provides access to markets in the 133 member countries of the G77. TIN was founded by the G77 Chambers of Commerce to mobilize the private sector in support of Economic Cooperation among Developing Countries (ECDC). TIN is designed to provide information on trade, technology, and investment opportunities in 133 nations, along with professional assistance, traditional and web-based training, and a database of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all sectors of the economy
The World Chambers Consortium
GMC is one of the founding members of the World Chambers Consortium, an alliance of the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and the Paris Chamber of Commerce. GMC is dedicated to contributing its strength in developing countries, to manage and develop the Consortium's World Chambers Network. Through the World Chambers Network, Chambers of Commerce around the world act as the central trusted third party in facilitating global electronic commerce into the 21st century.
Business Opportunities
Whether an expanding business is large or small, whether in New York or Harare, the TIN can be a critical asset for growth. When fully operational, TIN will provide unprecedented access to strategic information regarding companies, suppliers, markets and economic development resources throughout the developing world.
For global companies, TIN will provide dependable information regarding access to markets in every part of the South. For Southern businesses, particularly SMEs, TIN will become the gateway to promoting products and developing new markets and trading arrangements with nations across the South, and around the world. With a vast subscribership within each of the 133 member countries, TIN is situated to be the center of information exchange in cyberspace, fostering millions of transactions in all areas of economic activity, .
International Strategic Alliances
Since it was initially conceived in 1987, GMC has steadily built strategic alliances with member Chambers, other international organizations and private sector companies in pursuit of its mission of ECDC. It is being endorsed by the G8 as the proving grounds for pioneering electronic commerce among SMEs via the Internet and the World Wide Web.
GMC's institutional affiliations and relationships position it to be the major catalyst in involving SMEs around the world in doing business in the emerging global economy. More than 20 major international trade and development networks in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America have already established relationships with TIN in support of its mission to make information available to enterprises wishing to do business in the South.
Future Action Planning
GMC is now creating the institutional framework for self-sustaining future operations and expansion. The coming years will see the addition of new services available to TIN subscribers, including promotion and assistance enabling the full participation of all G77 Chambers, updating of the TIN telecommunications infrastructure where necessary and an expansion of the number of GMC country organizations to 15 in Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Romania, Malta, Kenya and Mauritius with footprints in the entire G77 marketplace.
In joining TIN, Chambers in the developing countries have become active participants in a global network of Chambers, enabling their respective business communities to become players in global commerce. TIN is the gateway to cyberspace for Southern economies, and a South-South collaborative venture among Chambers of Commerce to foster economic growth in their countries in the 21st century.
GMC plans to have regional centers in Africa (Cameroon), Asia (Pakistan), and Latin America (Colombia) and in Romania. The permanent secretariat for the Conference of G77 Chambers is located in Karachi, Pakistan (FPCCI).
Products and Services
TIN offers real service, which can be readily used by the member businesses. GMC-TIN's strategy over the years has been cooperative partnering agreements thereby establishing services and distribution channels for the chambers.
GBX: Global Business Exchange of trade opportunities (www.tradeinfonet.orgwww.worldchambers.com )
Using GBX a company or an individual with or without a computer can submit a product for sale through his/her chamber. The cost of putting such offer on the GBX costs $33 per month of which the Chambers retains $13.
Digital Certificates: Secured Electronic Trading Infra-structure ( www.securetrader.org )
Commercial activity on the Internet requires secure transactions, which is possible today using Digital Certificates (Public or private cryptography). These digital certificates or keys enable the user to exchange critical information over the Internet in encrypted form, which cannot be deciphered or altered. GMC-TIN holds in trust the root certificate owns the Public Key Infrastructure, which is managed by KPMG.
 Digital certification will substantially enhance tradersí ability to:
  • Confirm the identity of respective trading parties (authenticate)
  • Ensure that messages sent between two or more trading parties cannot be changed without detection (ensure message integrity); and
  • Ensure that trading partners cannot alter signed agreements, or deny receipt of agreements previously made (have non-repudiation).
Chamber enforces strict quality control as the Registration Authority/Certification authority, where applicable, to ensure that the certificates are only issued to genuine and business in good standing .These certificates are issued at $55/year.
Trade Tracker: Global search engine for business opportunities ( www.tradetracker.com )
This is a complementary service of GBX where a business or an individual can search the entire web for favorable business opportunities in ETOís maintained by UNTPDC-UNCTAD. (Provided by KPMG-Digerati Pty limited)
Real time E-Procurement system (www.elcom.com ):  Internet Procurement Managerô provides buyers and sellers with an easy, cost-effective way to participate in business-to-business electronic commerce, by automating both internal processes and external supplier interactions. While creating the facility to the user it also creates the digital market place. All activity is conducted within secured business-to-business transactional environment enabled by digital certificates. The result is an instantaneous streamlining of each participating organizationís entire supply chain providing:
Accuracy through improved supplier performance, 2.  Savings through lower purchasing costs, and
Ever Increasing Value to buyers and suppliers the longer the system is utilized.
Easylearning (www.easylearning.org)
A unique and only program of its kind in the world that provides access to the highest quality certification level Information Technology and Professional Development courses that ensure instructional competency and the proper curriculum at very affordable cost.
Other Services :
Trade Fairs Events Database, Worldwide Chamber Index, Company Profiles, Seminars, On-line Training for Trainers (T3) with support of InFodev, Worldbank.