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Services Offered by the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN

GMC/TIN, with its partner KPMG, offers businesses a unique secure trading environment through its authentication services – digital certificates – and Trade Tracker, an application software for trading.

The location on the Internet for these services is www.securetrader.org.  Using these services, a business can create an entire trading environment with numerous options for pursuing business opportunities and completing transactions.

The following services are available on the G77 TIN / WCN:

  • The Global Business eXchange (GBX) is a simple-to-use, world-wide database of business services and trading opportunities that are posted by traders for public viewing.  The GBX is a database for validated business opportunities.  It also facilitates transactions, investments, and joint ventures among members.  Because the Club's codes for products and services are standardized internationally, traders can target specific markets and respond quickly to changes in the markets.  Online             payment services are available.

  • Trade Tracker is an application software for trading developed by Digerati, Inc. and offered by GMC/TIN with its partner KPMG.  Trade Tracker allows a business to use up to 500 filters, or criteria, when seeking opportunities, product information, or other critical data on the Web.

  • The Chamber Link Program links your local Chamber of Commerce's home page to your company's Web Site, providing your business with a powerful marketing connection and source of data.  Inquiries coming into the chambers can easily be directed by Chambers staff to the appropriate business, while the Chambers' capacities are always readily available to you.

  • The World Chambers of Commerce Index (WCCIS) is the Internet's most comprehensive registry of chambers worldwide. The data base contains pertinent information about chambers, including contact information, e-mail addresses, and a link to each chamber's Web Sites.

  • The World Link Program provides advertising space on multiple Chambers of Commerce home pages that are linked to company web sites.  Companies can thus advertise directly to customers in any geographic area they choose.

  • The Trade Resource Library (TRL) offers national trade and regulation data, world business reports, up to the minute news items, trade show listings, bank rates, travel and shipping information, currency listings, customs documentation, and more.  The TRL can be searched by country, topic, keyword, or name.

  • Company Files contains information on over one million businesses.  For instance, the Paris Chamber of Commerce has files on all French exporters.

  • Digitizing and Advertising Services enable Chambers to digitize member information and place it on-site as a marketing tool.  In addition, many possibilities exist for advertising on the G77 TIN/WCN.

  • Partnerships, such as the one between Dun and Bradstreet and the Chambers of Commerce, create enormous reservoirs of information that can be accessed easily in one stop by all G77 Chamber TIN/WCN members. 

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