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Training Resources

GMC TIN/CCIs  has available a hard-copy of the Workbook for Trainers, titled "Trainer's Workbook for the Orientation Seminar on the G77 Chambers Network and World Chambers Network" published by GMC.  The workbook is designed for use in training Chambers' members to use the G77 TIN / WCN, and as a "Train the Trainer" resource for teaching other trainers how to orient members to the Network.

The workbook presents a sequence of training activities for half-day, full day, and two day workshops. Among its addenda are plans for different workshops of different lengths, and text for slides to be shown during the presentation. Much of the material on this web site is found in the workbook. The workbook, however, presents the content in a training format rather than a strictly informational context.

For copies of the Manual, contact us via e-mail at . 

Please inform us of any other concerns or questions you may have, via the same address. 

This site also includes two stand-alone activities that can be used by trainers to work with groups on two of the most important aspects of this material:  network security and strategic planning in regard to e-Commerce. 

The GMC TIN/CCIs can also provide members with on-line support and written materials that provide specific guidance for embarking upon electronic commerce.  To access these activities, click on Training Activity:  Security  Concerns and Intensive Training Activity:  Using the Network.

In addition, any of the pages contained within this site can be adapted for purposes of orienting Chambers' members to the G77 TIN / WCN.

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