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Case Study:
Best Practices using the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN

Alpha Eletronica is a fictitious company.  The methods it uses to improve business via e-Commerce are real, and the scenario is a realistic depiction of how the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN can serve as the centerpiece of a company's e-Commerce strategy.

The Transformation of Alpha Eletronica

Alpha Eletronica (AE) is a home appliance manufacturing company located in Brazil.  AE initially envisioned its Web Site as a means of offering support to its network of buyers in South America, the U.S., and Europe.  The first Web Site was quite basic:  some company information and half a dozen links to pages describing common problems and possible solutions.  The original graphics consisted of schematic sketches of the appliances, with potential problem areas denoted by the color red.

AE discovered that, despite the limitations of its Site, many customers used it to gain familiarity with a problem before calling the company.  The first benefit, therefore, was improved efficiency of customer service.

As the site expanded and the graphics became more attractive, AE noticed that many calls were from executives in other nations in which AE had no presence, but who were interested in AE's products.  AE also received direct requests for retail sales from individuals who just happened to be browsing the web looking for good deals on home appliances.

In short, while retaining the customer service aspect of its Web Site, AE shifted the emphasis of the Site to promotion and marketing, resulting in significant sales.  At first, after the initial Internet contact, most such sales were transacted via traditional methods.  AE began planning carefully for a shift to full-transaction capabilities on their site.  Soon Web-based sales were transacted both on-site and through traditional channels.

AE's e-Commerce strategy eventually had a profound effect upon the company as a whole.  Following strict procedures for planning and development, the company moved into foreign markets via the Web and even created a Web-based retail outlet.  In time, the company was able to re-conceive its own role in its industry by becoming more flexible and responsive as a result of its e-Commerce presence.

AE Uses the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN

To achieve results, AE utilizes the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN in the following ways:

  1. AE personnel routinely browse the Global Business eXchange (GBX) for trading opportunities world-wide.  As a result, AE has established partnerships with a rotor manufacturer in Vietnam and a steel manufacturer in the Ukraine.  GBX has also provided AE with several large customers who first became aware of AE's accessibility through AE's own listing on the GBX.  

  2. Using Trade Tracker, AE has uncovered strong leads in numerous nations in which it had no real previous presence.  Trade Tracker provides the capacity to market globally without the major expense of penetrating a market in the traditional sense.

  3. AE uses the World Chambers of Commerce Index (WCCIS) to verify the integrity of potential trading partners worldwide and to research the potential of new regional markets.

  4. The World Link Program (WLP) provides another source of advertising for AE. International Chambers members who access the program learn about AE, just as AE uses WLP to seek out partners and markets.

    AE has built a retail business throughout Mercosur because its Web Site attracts retail buyers who have found the site when entering the name of an electrical appliance into their Search Engines.  Many of these buyers come from finding AE through the WLP or GBX, which anyone can access.

  5. The Trade Resources Library (TRL) is a first recourse for AE in its detailed investigations of the regulations and trading environment of any global region.  Using TRL, AE keeps itself current on changes in its existing markets.  

  6. The Company Files feature enables AE to research the strengths and weaknesses of companies with whom it is considering doing business.  Using the Files, the company rejected a partnership with a French firm whose recent filings revealed the company to be short on cash, a deal-breaker for AE.  

  7. The Digitizing and Advertising Services give AE and its products widespread exposure to both the general public and more seriously interested businesses.

Thus, what began as a site offering a basic level of customer service, has become a major force in transforming AE from a regional to a global company.  Of course, this is a best-case scenario – as with any initiative, there have been unforeseen costs and challenges.  However, AE's business has grown with unexpected rapidity in ways that could not have been foreseen in a world without the Internet.

The G77 Chamber TIN/WCN proves to be a crucial, all-purpose format through which AE develops a strong presence in electronic commerce.

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