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A Message from Dr. William Tiga Tita, CEO of the Global Management Consortium (GMC)

The foundations of a networked economy that have only recently been established are transforming the world by eliminating geographical barriers and introducing tremendous opportunities for accelerating economic and social development.  At GMC, we believe that a strategy for developing information infrastructure and using it for trade and development depends upon the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  The CCIs must serve as major players if the small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) of developing countries are to benefit from these new opportunities.

Business and industry have always looked to the Chambers, as trusted third parties, for valuable trade information, and as a link with local, regional, and foreign businesses.  The Internet presents the Chambers with an unprecedented opportunity to help their clientele, the SMEs, stay within reach of an increasingly globalized and networked economy.

In economic terms, emerging economies represent 18% of the world's GDP, with the potential to grow to over 30% in the next thirty years.  And yet, there is a growing danger that this market will be left behind as we speed into the information age.  We all have a stake in making certain this does not happen and in ensuring that the networked economy is truly global.

I wish to express my gratitude for the support of the InfoDev Program, WorldBank, a grants program that pools the intellectual, technical, and financial resources of the public and private sectors.  Thanks to them, we can remove some of the burdens of market development and promote the use of information and communication technologies in areas such as education, health, government, and commerce.

I also wish to thank Dr. Barton Kunstler, who has painstakingly brought together a wide range of materials and organized them in such a way that greatly facilitates their presentation on this Web Site and in the world-wide training sessions held to orient Chambers members to the G77 Chamber TIN/WCN.  I trust that others and our strategic partners, notably KPMG, who find their work reflected here, will also accept our thanks.

We invite you to use this Web Site to develop your Electronic Commerce capacities, and to contact us with your concerns.  The potential impact of the information age is limited only by our imaginations.

                                                                        Dr. William Tiga Tita, Ph.D.
                                                                        GMC-TIN CCISs G77 Ltd.

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