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Golden Rules of Site Development

Do not rush the creation of a site.

Know your objectives in establishing a site.

Plan carefully and incrementally.

Be led by your strategic objectives, core competencies, and specific business challenges.

Do not pay a consultant or web designer huge fees to develop a complex web site unless you are a large business with a very clear notion of what you want from a web site.  Even then, proceed cautiously – an ill-conceived web site can harm your business.

Do not use a web site to replicate brochures or other written text.  A site is more than the usual marketing material projected onto a computer screen.  The Web is an interactive, highly visual, ever-changing, competitive environment and a strong web site will be in harmony with the character of the Web itself.

Above all else, be true to your strategic vision.  The web site and e-Commerce are extensions of your business.  They may eventually transform your business, but such changes will grow out of a well-considered, carefully planned development of the Web's potential for your company.

If you have a web site, your listing on the G77 TIN / WCN contains links that lead customers, vendors, or others to your site.  Once contact is made on the Web, transactions can be conducted by mail, telephone, in person, etc.  Or you may conduct them completely via the Web, if you have chosen to make your Web Site fully functional for transacting business. 

There is no best way:  the best way is what suits your individual business needs.  Eventually, however, most business sites will be capable of handling transactions as e-Commerce becomes more popular. 

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