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Web Site Strategies

When potential customers or partners contact you via the G77 TIN / WCN, you will probably communicate at first by e-mail.  But soon they will probably want to visit your web site.  A strong web site:

  • Introduces your business to potential customers, partners, and vendors

  • Displays and markets your products and services

  • Serves as a medium for conducting transactions

  • Functions as a channel for providing exceptional customer service

  • Links your business to partners and other related sites

  • Provides information about your business sector

  • Provides company information for internal users (employees)

  • Links internal data-bases that create efficiencies for your operations

  • Represents an inexpensive and easily updateable and maintained place of business

  • Becomes an activity center for people interested in the industries served by your products

Examine your site's potential impact on your business objectives.  What information do you want to send out into the World-Wide Web?  If you have many products, which are likely to be most successful on the Web?  Will e-Commerce sales "cannibalize" your traditional sales outlets?  Such questions should are central to web site development.

A reassuring aspect of e-Commerce is that you need not leap into a global environment immediately.  The Internet can help you establish local and regional ties, build a local retail business, or pilot e-Commerce strategies before investing heavily in a more sophisticated, full-transaction Site.

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