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Electronic Commerce and the Developing World

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Electronic Commerce and the G77 Chamber TIN / WCN represent, for developing nations and organizations, a low cost strategy that "levels the playing field" against wealthier competitors.   

The Internet is a sustainable technology, cost-wise and environmentally.  It is well-suited to the needs of developing nations.  Businesses in developing nations can establish relatively low-cost international trade links with one another by using e-Commerce.  Similarly, they can also reach out over the Net to gain access to businesses and customers in the industrialized world.

The G77 TIN / WCN, using the capabilities of e-Commerce, facilitates global trade among developing nations.  This approach encourages the inherent strengths of local economies and promotes economic growth throughout the developing world.

The telecommunications systems in certain regions of the world may not be suited to providing efficient Internet service.  However, many countries are bypassing technologies already in place in the industrialized nations.  They can thus install state-of-the-art systems that support Internet access without having to replace, at great expense, pre-existing technologies.  This represents a major cost savings for developing nations

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