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Background and Mission of CCIARD

The Chamber of Commerce of Dakar created in 1870 is the ancestor of the Consular Assembly of Dakar. In 1870, Dakar became an autonomous commune with its own Chamber of Commerce embraced all economic sectors, its main focus was the development and expansion of Dakar harbour which it rightly considered as mainstay for the development of the economy.

In 1926 was laid the first stone of the present Consular Hotel. The CCIARD is a professional public institution. Empowered with the responsibility of defending the general interests of the various economic sectors, it is in close relationship with the public authorities.

Its powers are spelt out in the Decree that organise the functioning of Consular Assemblies. It can be presented it as the intermediate body between its nationals and the public authorities. It therefore serve as an advisory body in any subject for which it has some competence and which is submitted to it by the State authorities, but also an organ of promotion because it can and should initiate suggestions and proposals in all economic, social, fiscal and customs matters and on any issue concerning economic activities within its consular competence, thus contributing to improving the situation of enterprises in the Region.

1, Place de l'Independance
BP. 118 DAKAR, Senegal
Tel. 23-71-89/23-82-13
Fax (221) 23-93-63
Telex 61-112 -SG

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