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GMC-TIN Forms Strategic Alliance with Serebra Learning Corporation

Tuesday, 27 January 2004

(Boston, MA USA) –GMC-TIN, operator of 77 Chamber Trade Information Network (G77CCIsTIN), a Secure Electronic Trade Infrastructure initiative in collaboration with KPMG with catalytic support of by the WorldBank and several specialized UN Agencies, a member of the World Chamber Network(WCN) together with ICC and the Paris Chamber, today extended its strategic partnership with Serebra Learning Corporation, Canada's leading eLearning solutions provider. Before leveraging GMC’s vast global reach to billions of prospects in 133 Developing Countries and its affiliation with key organizations and governmental entities, it was imperative that the e-learning alliance partner be the “best of the breed” in not only cost but various other factors including quality of content, delivery, technology and support. To this end Serebra Learning Corporation was the only one that could meet GMC’s stringent criterion. The alliance is a milestone in GMC’s continuing focus on providing quality education and allows it to offer extraordinary pricing and negligible costs for the courseware to the underprivileged of the developing countries.

Thanks to the global reach of GMC-TIN, Serebra will be able to bring its e-learning courseware to millions of people around the world and specially the poor. “The strength of Serebra's brand and our e-learning savvy coupled with our customer base will create educational opportunities that are second to none, said Dr. William Tita, Chairman and CEO of the GMC-TIN “Together, we will be able to fulfill the professional and educational needs of those who did not have access to quality education and cutting edge technologies and in doing so provide them a fair and competitive chance at changing their life”

Mr. Ted Moorhouse, President & CEO of Serebra, also shares GMC-TIN’s belief. His comments were “everyone should have access to the opportunities the technology sector offers, and I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship serving the needs of the world education market."

About Serebra Learning Corporation
Serebra Learning Corporation is Canada's leading full-service supplier in the eLearning sector. Currently, over 800 corporations, organizations and government departments fulfill their employee training needs through Serebra's more than 2,000 available online courses. Located in Surrey, B.C., Serebra operates the world's largest open architecture education hosting facility. Serebra's eLearning offerings reach over 9.5 million potential students and its courses are currently being used on all seven continents. Founded in 1987, Serebra Learning Corporation is traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange under the symbol SBR. Visit Serebra at www.serebra.com

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