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Easy Learning System deployed in Yemen, Colombia, Pakistan and Indonesia

Monday, 6 December 2004

Quality education is an experience, not readily available in the developing countries (DC’s). Lack of “subject matter experts”, deficient curricula, affordability, redundant teaching methods and educational policies, lack of accurate monitoring of learning achievement and evaluation programs, identification of correct educational needs, pathetic school environment, no accountability, no quality assurance, inconsistency, no way to authenticate teacher training or qualification.... are some problems that mar the education systems in the DC’s. However, to cater to the demands placed by the new economy, thousands of institutes and learning centers are cropping up everywhere offering IT and Professional development skills and degrees. Unfortunately, it is evident that "expert instructors" and the proper curriculum are not easily available. This situation is leading to "illiterate" and "under-prepared" degree holders!
As it is not possible to send out thousands of expert instructors to each developing country, a viable alternative is the proliferation of IT and 21st. century employability skills to the masses through e-learning using the Internet. E-learning has proven to be the most cost effective method of disseminating high-end “expert” level instruction to the masses. However, there are three key barriers to the adoption of e-learning in the developing countries, namely, (a) very high cost of “expert content”, (b) piracy and (c) bad end-user experience due to low Internet bandwidth and disconnection problems in the DC’s.
To address these issues, GMCTIN, Serebra and the Consortium for Global Education (CGE), united by a commitment to international education, service and sharing, has launched a global skills development initiative called “EASYLEARNING”, which is the only program of its kind in the world that addresses all the key barriers through hi-end technology and provides access to the highest quality certification level IT & Professional Development courses that ensure instructional competency and the proper curriculum.
By leveraging its global reach to billions of prospects in 133 Developing Countries, GMCTIN partnered with a leading E-Learning content and solutions provider to offer the highest quality certification level, IT and Professional Development courseware to the underprivileged of the developing countries at negligible costs (The same courses that are available for hundreds of US Dollars in the West, are now available for just a few Dollars in the developing countries).
Currently the easy learning initiative has been launched in Pakistan, Yemen, Columbia, Venezuela and Indonesia
GMC-TINCCI’s G77 Network for Business Worldwide Ltd.,  (GMCTIN), is an international development organization, established on the mandate of the G77 Conference of Chamber of Commerce and Industries (G77CCIs) UN, within the framework of south-south cooperation.
About Serebra
Serebra Learning Corporation (TSX VEN: SBR) designs and delivers e-learning solutions for corporations, including the Fortune 1000, universities and schools, government organizations and individuals. Backed by a library of over 2500 courses and a global network of partners, Serebra's powerful Learning Management System, Serebra Cortex, hosts and manages Information Technology, Desktop Skills and Professional Development titles. Serebra is uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of on-line learning solutions to individuals who wish to advance their personal and professional development.

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